humanual_betsy_teaching4The HUMANUAL® teachings are offered in group classes, and private coaching sessions. Lessons are designed for personal and professional growth.

The classes include hands-on guidance, as well as personal body/mind exercises and explorations. All classes teach a process that develops your inner and outer conscious awareness so that physical and psychological issues change as a by-product of this new awareness. This process also explores expanding consciousness to include the “witness mind,” the ever-present non-doing observer. As you redevelop your innate intelligence, you will be able to see where you might be interfering with it.

Below are some sample classes that are being offered. More will be added in the future. Please join our mailing list to be notified of future classes.

Expand Yourself

This day-long basics class looks at how we move, breathe, and handle overwhelming events as we explore wholeness, stillness, non-doing, and the origins of human movement. This class takes a close look at:

Humanual Expand Yourself Class


Exploration and instruction on how to find the most efficient way for you to stand, walk, and move. Explore your human structure, mobility, and perception. Because we live on this planet, one first step is to learn to connect with the earth under our feet. Learn to connect to the ground and receive the boundless energy of an upward support that creates a suspension that radiates through your whole body and out to the world around you. This can invoke inherent creativity and cultivate optimism, self-esteem, and significant inner strength.


How to find your optimal breath. Do you forget to breathe? Or do you experience your breath as shallow or limited. Learn simple and powerful breathing exercises that allow your lungs to fill with fresh oxygen as your ribs move on your sternum and your spine, nourishing your whole body. This optimal breath leads to a deep connection to your voice.

Stress Management

How to find more peace in your life. Do you experience symptoms associated with high stress levels, like physical or mental dis-ease, anxiety, or fatigue. Overwhelming life experiences can slow us down or bring our creative growth to a halt. Learn to track your inner sensations, promote self-regulation in your nervous system, and inhabit your body with safety, skill, and comfort. Cultivate the resiliency to bounce back from the profound effects of stress. This can lead to an open heart and an expansive awareness of yourself and your environment.

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1/2 Day and Evening Classes

Building on the concepts taught in the Expand Yourself class, Humanual also has half-day/evening classes in the following:

Humanual Meditation Class


Begin or continue the amazing journey of turning within. As you bring your attention inside yourself, you can learn to use your body, mind, and self to work together to settle you as you meditate. Discover how to sit upright with ease, and without stiffness and holding. In this class we will practice different meditations styles and explore the states that come up. class details

Humanual Performance Class


Do you have a story to tell? Where does the impulse to perform start? Where in your body or your mind? We will begin by learning some of the resources of our human design, including breathing, and body structure. We will then plunge into the depth of your inner experience and use the states that come up as the foundation and inspiration for performance. Learn to allow performance, whether it's singing, playing an instrument, acting, or public speaking, to emerge from a place that is more deeply connected to your true nature, thus with less habitual patterns. Bring your instrument. class details

Humanual Exercise Class


Explore how to be upright in a gravitational field before you attempt any form of exercise or movement. Learn to find the suspension that creates the lightness that supports and facilitates all movement. Understand and pay attention to the way the body, mind, self, is designed to function by doing mindful exercises based on inherent design. Explore your regular workout, running, or your Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi practice. class details

Humanual Music Class


If you sing or play an instrument, do you perform as well as you would like or as well as you know you can? Why not? Discover your psychological thought patterns and physical movement patterns that interfere with your internal rhythm and your connection to the music. As you can allow the ground to support you to open to the space around you, you can produce amazingly powerful and heartfelt music. You can be sharing your whole self instead of trying to play or sing. class details

Private Instruction
Humanual Sunrise

Private Individual Lessons

Individual sessions can promote transformation and rejuvenation. The sessions allow you to bring in your personal present discomfort or dilemma. As you become aware of your habitual patterns that create this condition, there is potential to stop, and inquire into. Learn to solve mysteries in your own body. Why do I feel so tired? Why can't I stand up for long periods of time? Why do I repeatedly injure the same body part? Begin to unravel the "mystery." Many habitual patterns have their deep roots in survival patterns that are no longer necessary or serving us. A gentle hands on approach can disperse contractive muscular patterns associated with fixed body positions and identity. This, supplemented with inquiry (questions) can reveal your inherent capabilities and promote balance, wisdom, and love. class details

explores topics like:

  • Presence and Consciousness
  • Meditation and Spirituality
  • Breath and Voice
  • Body and Movement
  • Trauma and Stress
  • Food and Diet
  • Performance and Music

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teaches you to:

  • Stop - The practice of non-doing – withholding consent to habitual muscular, energy, and identity patterns.
  • Observe – Look, listen, feel, sense, perceive your body and mind.
  • Discover – Unconscious patterns – of movement, thinking, speaking, and relating to others and your surroundings.
  • Choose – New possibilities based on organic principles of our human design.
  • Expand – Move into the world, present, with a new sense of self.