What People Are Saying

Ginna_Prague_cropped“I wish I had run into this sort of work when I was still at the Partnership. We had many strategic and scenario-planning people come in with various fascinating approaches, but none as efficient and potent as what you are doing now with Humanual.”

Ginna Marston

American advertising executive and a founder of Partnership for a Drug Free America, which produced the well known commercial, “This is your brain on drugs.”

andre_gregory“It [the Humanual work] makes the world seem wider.”

Andre Gregory

Filmmaker and director, “My Dinner With Andre,” “The Master Builder.”

james_hillmanJames Hillman would say to his wife, “When is Betsy coming?” As Betsy was leaving, he would say, “I’m not sure what you just did but I know something is happening as I always feel better afterwards.”

James Hillman

Psychologist and writer; author of over 20 books, including The Soul’s Code and A Terrible Love of War. Selected as one of the Utne Reader’s “Top 100 people who could change your life.”

margot_mclean“Betsy taps into your body, inviting all its many parts to sit at the same table for a good discussion. The conversation can be lively or quiet, but no matter how it goes, old stuck patterns often dissolve making it possible for something new.”

Margot McLean

Visual artist and co-author with James Hillman of the book Dream Animals.

grace_kelly“I have seen my technique and sound change tremendously from the time I’ve been studying with Betsy. I consider myself a completely different singer. I have much more confidence on stage and in myself while singing. Many of my fans and teachers have told me they have heard a huge growth as well! We have worked on tools for stage fright, anxiety, grounding ones self, fatigue, and on and on. As a performer who travels all around the world, these are “tools” I use very frequently! I wonder how I got through my month long tours before I studied with her!!Before studying with Betsy I had no idea what I was doing to produce sound while playing saxophone or singing. Betsy has such an amazing way of explaining this work. I have been learning the importance of listening to my body. The potential of the Humanual Way for me is endless.”

Grace Kelly

World-renowned saxophonist, singer and composer.

 One student said to Betsy, “Your hands are loving, nurturing, and full of knowledge.”