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The Humanual teachings are offered in group classes, and private coaching sessions. Lessons are designed for personal and professional growth.

Humanual classes explore topics like:

  • Presence and Consciousness
  • Body and Movement
  • Trauma and Stress
  • Performance and Music
  • Meditation and Spirituality
  • Breath and Voice


Individual sessions can promote transformation and rejuvenation. The sessions allow you to bring in your personal present discomfort or dilemma. As you become aware of your habitual and adaptive patterns that prevent you from inhabiting your expanded Self, there is potential to stop, and inquire into thoughts, narratives, and movement. Learn to solve mysteries in your own life. Why do I feel so tired? Why do I get so agitated? Why do I have so much pain, emotional or physical? Begin to unravel the “mystery.” Many habitual patterns have their deep roots in survival patterns that are no longer necessary or serving us. Gentle hands on approach can disperse contractive muscular patterns associated with fixed body positions and identity. This, supplemented with inquiry (questions) can reveal your inherent capabilities and promote balance, wisdom, and love.

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