Introducing HUMANUAL®

A manual for being human. This unique work provides a manual on three basic keys for improving daily life:

  • How to become aware of habitual thought and movement patterns that prevent you from embodying your full sense of poise in body, mind, and spirit.
  • How to breathe efficiently to full capacity, with maximum efficiency and minimal effort, according to our inherent design, which fully oxygenates your system to feel more awake and alive in the present moment.
  • How to cope with and resolve overwhelming experiences, and handle stress that can hinder enjoyment of a rich, positive experience of life.

humanual_betsy_teaching1This state-of-the-art work helps you maximize the experience of daily living as taught through a combination of hands-on guidance, conscious exercise, and personal exploration. It helps provide a skill set, as you learn to guide yourself.

Have you ever wished that you had a guide to help you figure out how to manage your life? There is order to our universe. This order includes inherent laws of human, biological design, and function. Humans have evolved with this most incredible design, including the potential to move with ease, recover from stressful events, and feel more comfortable and congruent in body, mind, and spirit. However, often we are not able to do this, and we are discontent with our condition. As if we have strayed from our true nature or humanness. This can create disconnection, discontent, and disease.

This separation can show up to be a physical ailment, pain, or nagging discomfort. Or it can be the result of an alienating emotional experience, or a thwarted artistic endeavor. And for some people the difficulty is a spiritual disconnect from one’s source. Our inner wisdom and connection can easily be lost in these situations.

humanual_betsy_teaching2From a young age, I have been aware of this discontent in myself and others, and have searched for ways to alleviate and change it. I have come to the conclusion that to enact real healing and change includes awareness of, and exercises for, the whole mental, physical, spiritual, self, and their direct human experience of past and present. The transformation also includes understanding the built-in principles of human design and function, as well as understanding the biological and cosmic influences that have allowed the evolutionary force to survive and flourish. This process includes non-doing, or withholding consent to habitual patterns, and listening to your body. With these significant changes, wisdom and connection can be gained.

Through my years of experience: observing, researching, and doing hands-on work as a movement specialist, I’ve combined my knowledge of body/mind/spirit work with trauma and emotional work, and the results have evolved into the multifaceted concept of Humanual.

HUMANUAL: A new way to live.